Monday, October 24, 2005

Media key didn't wanna work no more

I was having a wierd issue with my Microsoft Wireless Natural Keyboard, where the Media key wouldn't start my media player, and I got a message saying that the customizable key was not available. Wierd...

Anyway, it seems that IntelliType determines the current media player by checking to see which program is used to play audio CDs. So if you get this message, or you want to change the default media player, simply associate it with the Play command of an audio CD.

Yeah, I know you can 'hard-wire' the media key to a specific program, but that seems like a messy idea to me coz you have to do it within IntelliType. The nice idea with this solution is that you can change it directly within the media player by checking the appropriate box to associate it with audio CDs.

And a related factoid which I only found out a few weeks ago: you have to check the Enabled box within the properties of the Global Hotkeys plugin in Winamp to use the media control keys on the keyboard to control Winamp. I don't know why this isn't enabled by default! And there's nothing in the properties page of the Global Hotkeys plugin to mention that it is designed to work with multimedia keyboards. I used to think it was for wierdos that wanted to hold down Ctrl-Alt-Insert to play a track...

While I'm on the subject of Winamp, if you have a TV tuner card, check out the Winamp TV plugin. Oh, and the Nullsoft Media Player 10 skin looks fantastic!

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