Sunday, January 01, 2006

Xmas Rox!

Well, look what I got for Christmas...

Nice, huh? Yep, that's right, it's a new Thermaltake Soprano PC case. This thing has five hard drive bays, two 3.5" removable media bays, and four 5.25" removable media bays. It has a 430W power supply and seven PCI/AGP/PCI Express slots. It's a beauty!

I did my first bit of case modding too: I added a couple of 300mm blue Cold Cathode Fluorescents (CCFL) to jazz the thing up.

Jaycar sell both the tubes and the inverter boards pre-wired, so all I had to do was put a 4-pin Molex connector on the end of the power leads and mount it all. There's one CCFL behind the support that runs horizontally, underneath the power supply, and another sitting at the bottom of the case. I cut up an old reflector from a small fluorescent tube, and mounted that behind each tube to reflect the light in the right direction. A simple mod, but it looks great!

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